I have done:

  • Logo design
  • Info-graphics
  • Cartoons
  • Webdesign
  • WordPress template design
  • Concrete5 template design
  • CMS Design
  • Database design
  • Google AdWords Design
  • Google Analytics Design
  • Design Design
  • Design Design Design Designer Design

This looks like I am a designer but I am mostly someone who just delivers the product that’s needed, and gets the job done.
Still, here are some of the logos I designed for your visual enjoyment:


Logo for local action committee to preserve a neighborhood park.



The Dutch national logo for bisexuality, it’s a möbius strip signifying the continuüm.



Logo for Dutch Network Biseksuality.


jiro logo

My own logo! Designed in 1998. An upright triangle with my intitials ‘JG’. It’s a reference to the upside-down triangles gay people had to wear in Nazi concentration camps, but mine has its point fiercely upwards.