About Jiro

JiroVlakkenRandHello World! Here I am, loyal and with the ability to learn eagerly on-the-job. A true homo universalis with a sharp and unique wit. Strong with details.
Fields of focus and experience: social media, webdevelopment, computer support, emancipation, diversity, contemporary art, films, design, gender, multimedia, inclusion and social media.
I strongly prefer quality over quantity. No mindless ambitions please.
I kick ass at text writing, support/execution within strict planning, so I’m no ordinary DTP/scripting nerd.
My motto: “To learn is to play, to play is to learn.”


Jiro is a Dutch visual artist, worked on many LGBT-emancipation projects, has been a prominent transgender person in the media, publishes a cruising guide for transmen, initiated TranScreen Filmfestival and was part of the feminist Zsa Zsa Zine collective until 2016.