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Queer web development - Terms & conditions

At Jirosworld, Jiro Ghianni develops valuable, ethical websites for small companies. All of Jiro-made websites offer many different options and possibilities. Jiro can make you a simple site with incredible functionality for good value ('Basic'), or a very specialised custom designed, tailor-made website system to extremely detailed wishes of the customer ('Premium'). The websites are developed on an open source ‘Content Management System’ (CMS: it is either Wordpress for Basic sites, or Concrete5 for Premium sites). This makes it easy for you as a customer to manage the content of the website yourself after delivery. The CMS offers a number of standard modules/blocks and a Dashboard with which you can provide the website with content, news/blog articles and a contact form.

Helpdesk rate for Basic sites: 20 euros an hour

Helpdesk rate for custom/premium sites, between 40 and 65 euros an hour

Queer web development - Terms & conditions

Basic websites can cost anywhere between 300 and 600 euros (inc.BTW).
Premium websites/apps can cost anywhere between 1500 and 3500 euros or more.

Jiro can develop your website or web app to your every wish. This includes a fixed step-by-step plan:
• Analysis: during a few conversations we map out the wishes of you as a customer and determine whether tailor-made modules are needed for your website. You will learn why it's important to have an updated computer and a good webbrowser (like Firefox or Chrome). After which Jiro will send you a proposal/offerte. Before building Jiro will send you an invoice for 25% of the total costs.
• Design: Jiro offers a couple of different standard graphic designs (‘Basic’) or... creates a wireframe design for each page based on the desired corporate identity and style (‘Premium’). Accessibility and usability of the website are the starting point. Any custom designs are copyright protected and owned by Jiro. Each website footer will link to Jirosworld.
• Development: the design is integrated into the CMS. Any custom modules are developed. Small simple sites are put Live/online immediately. Bigger tailor-made sites have a Test server: which means that during development, the customer can monitor progress in a dedicated test environment that is only accessible to the customer. In this way, the customer can monitor developments, but above all also check whether functions are implemented according to their own wishes. When developing the website, the accessibility and technical optimisation for search engines are of course taken into account. All websites come with an SSL certificate (https). During development changes can still be made and asking questions is free. The customer needs to buy a domainname and hosting space themselves with their own bankaccount (usually at Vimexx), so it becomes their own property, and provide Jiro with log-in details for development and setting up email boxes.
• Queer web development: Jiro’s developement policies are queer, meaning: no unethical plug-ins, no unethical privacy cookies, and no inacessible designs (for people with disabilities) are made. All of Jiro's websites operate on ethical servers (they are NOT in Israel like for example Wix servers are…). All software is open source and can be changed by other webdevelopers, and ALL the website accounts belong to the customer (=you own your domain name, your hosting space, your SSL certificate, your Helpdesk account, your business e-mail, your Stripe/iDeal and PayPal accounts) and any other account in order to make the website function (such as your own Wordpress account and possibly a Google Analysis account).
• Testing: the functioning of the website is tested by Jiro, by the customer, and external testers in all modern web browsers and will work on desktops a well as a on smaller mobile devices like smartphones.
• Delivery: the delivery date is the final phase of the website. In consultation with the customer, Jiro fills the application with content or the customer does this her/them-self with support from Jiro. A short ‘quickstart’ manual will be sent. In consultation Jiro can provide users with 1 day of training and provide links to documentation. After the delivery date changes can no longer be made, and asking questions will cost the helpdesk fee. Jiro will send you a BTW/VAT invoice for any costs.
• Helpdesk: during the development stages the Helpdesk ticket/question system (Trello) is free; after delivery asking questions will cost anywhere between 20 euros and 65 euros an hour, depending on the complexity of your website (content-questions are 20 €/h and coding/programming can get up to 65 €/h). You will receive an answer within 2 business days, during office hours.
• Maintenance: Jiro does NOT offer continuous maintenance contracts for the technical maintenance of your website. Help is only offered when asked for.
The web changes fast and websites are guaranteed to work until the next big update comes along, usually 2 years, but most websites will run fine for 15 years or longer. Jiro uses an open source CMS to develop your website. This means that software is being further developed by external parties. Jiro delivers stand-alone Concrete5 websites with NO maintenance. Wordpress sites and their plug-ins are updated automatically. Downtime of a site depends on the host’s (Vimexx) servers and is outside of our scope.
Of course Jiro can also help you with the expansion of functions and the content of your website during Helpdesk hours, but if you want to have new features, it is wiser to start a new project 'offerte.'