JirosWorld - Jiro Ghianni's web things

Dutch, Amsterdam based, experimental conceptual nerdy fine artist.
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JirosWorld introduction

I'm a continuously learning web nerd, experimental artist, cartoonist, homo universalis and genderqueer spokesperson based in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
I started HTML in 1998 when it was still cute and I'm now moving into deeper concepts, such as SASS and mySQL. My big dream is to make technology diversity-friendly for minorities.
I am always on a quest for new shapes, new apps, new interactivities and new programming languages. Why..? Because I love it!


Languages and Frameworks:
XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery (basics), Bootstrap3, MAMP, Wordpress template development, Google AdWords fundamentals, Javascript (basics), mySQL (basics), LESS (basics), PHP (basics).
Tools & expertise:
Responsive Web Design, FTP, CHMOD, SEO writing, AdWords fundamentals, keyword research, banner design, sound editing, Adobe Premiere Video Editing, Flash animation, Git/Github (basics). Command line interface like Terminal and Prompt. Experience with communicating through Slack and Trello. Working mostly on Apple Mac but able to work on Windows and Linux as well.

Awesomeness Portfolio.

Below you'll find some of my recent work.

Found. for Auditing Research

A large DIVI Wordpress site I developed, has multiple feeds.

Eliza Steinbock

Responsive Wordpress website for academic researcher.

Van De Zotten Coaching

Responsive CMSMS template company site for lifecoach.